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I can set you free

Almost as soon as I discovered my sexuality I began carving secret spaces to play in. Initially I thought this was my way of escaping reality but I now realise that anonymity is the key to unlocking my authentic self. Whether it was hiding my first girlfriend from my parents or sneaking off to fetish nights in London as a teenager, the simple act of something being private and just for me makes it all the more intoxicating.

Being both bisexual and a switch I am open-minded and comfortable exploring many avenues with my lovers. I’m a bit of an old-fashioned romantic which is what attracts me to this lifestyle of passion and romance. Physically I am tall but petite with a toned body and elegant hands and feet. I have been described as strikingly beautiful due to my natural ginger hair and classic features. I tend to dress in neutral colours with noir being my favourite against my milky complexion. I have a tasteful yet individual sense of style. 

I am a lover of art, literature, architecture and adore meeting new people. I can't wait to learn all about your interests, your life and make new experiences together.

My preference is to build long-term, regular relationships with a small client base.  I choose to lead this unconventional dual lifestyle because it thrills me

Quick fire


Height: 5 ft 10

Age: 28

Accent: Oxford English

Hair colour: Natural red

Eye colour: Hazel

Complexion: Fair with freckles

Dress size: 8-10

Bra size: Natural 34C

Waist size: Small

Shoe size: 6

Tattoos: Yes

Locations: London, Oxfordshire, Bath. Will travel further dependant on duration.



Gifts are never expected but always appreciated. 


Lingerie: Bordelle, Lady Lucie Latex, House of Harlot

Handbags: Chanel, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Prada.

Home: The White Company, Anthropologie. 

Body: L'Ocittaine, Rituals.

Vouchers: Selfridges, John Lewis, Amazon

Spoil me: Rolex Lady-Datejust oyster and white gold, Chanel Boy handbag black,

Gift vouchers can be sent to


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