Unlike any other

Standing at 5ft 10 with mane-like ginger hair, I am no stranger to demanding the attention of a room when I enter. You'll find my soft skin decorated with a handful of beautiful tattoos, I have removed these from my portfolio to protect my anonymity.

My life is hugely influenced by Italian Renaissance art and I find myself enamoured by the provocative nature of Caravaggio. I too am a natural outsider with a strong sense of independence and originality. 

A brief biography


I've always been drawn to alternative expressions and found traditional education claustrophobic and frustrating. I therefore decided against university and become a fetish model and briefly an escort at just 18-years-old. Here I began my love affair with luxurious lingerie and discovered my own exhibitionism. 


 I took a break from the adult world and at 20 started working for a global corporate company, quickly climbing the ranks and becoming outwardly successful. Inwardly I felt shackled by the nine-to-five lifestyle and sheer predictability of it all.


 At 25 I started my own business which continues to be an important part of my life. A year later I began escorting again, this time dedicating time to the art of companionship. I now feel I've finally reached the desired (and perhaps required!) blend of secret adventures and 'real-world' success.

Quick fire


Height: 5 ft 10

Weight: 68kg

Age: 28

Accent: Oxford English

Hair colour: Natural red

Eye colour: Hazel

Complexion: Fair with freckles

Dress size: 8-10

Bra size: Natural 34C

Waist size: Small

Shoe size: 6

Tattoos: Yes




"Tall and beautiful with wild ginger hair is a dangerous combination for any man. Adding a lucid self-awareness

of her own rareness and power results in an alluring muse that I just can't get enough of. "

- September 2020 


Luxury English companion