What I want from you


I thoroughly enjoy my work as a companion and that is because I choose only to meet with respectful suitors. If everything below sounds reasonable to you that means we're an excellent match.


* Ensure my fee is paid promptly on arrival either in cash or via bank transfer.​​

* It is sometimes possible for you to extend during our booking. The additional fee must be provided before the start of the extended period.

* Be aware that you are paying for my time only, anything that happens is between two consenting adults.

* Ensure that your hygiene and personal grooming is of a high standard. Wash and freshen up thoroughly throughout the booking without being asked. 

* Be aware that I do not like untrimmed intimate body hair.

* Have refreshments available including non-alcoholic beverages.

* On dates of four hours or longer, incorporate dinner or other activities.

* On overnight dates you must allow me adequate sleep. I need to travel home safely and carry out other commitments the following day.

Our date will be terminated and you will be permanently blacklisted if you:

* Use illegal substances

* Consume so much alcohol that I feel unsafe

* Request services that put my health at risk

* Provide screening information that I find to be untrue

* Invite a third person to our date

 * Take any photographs or videos of me using your own equipment

* Attempt to record me using a hidden camera or similar

* Behave in a manner which makes me feel unsafe

* Attempt to find out personal information

* Fail to respect my boundaries.

Luxury English companion