What I want from you


My life as Olivia is thoroughly enjoyable because I choose only to meet with wonderful people. My business model is long-term friendships with a small and select client base. The key ingredient to achieving this is mutual respect. By reading and agreeing to the five points below you negate the need for me to mention such formalities verbally on our date.


  1.  Ensure my fee is paid promptly on arrival either in cash or via bank transfer.​​ You are welcome to pay the fee in full when you send your deposit.

  2. Be aware that you are paying for my time only, anything sexual that occurs does so between two consenting adults.

  3. Ensure that your hygiene and personal grooming is of a high standard. Wash and freshen up thoroughly throughout our time together.

  4. On dates of four hours or longer, incorporate dinner or other public activities.

  5. On overnight dates, I will spend some time asleep. I am human and need to travel home safely the following day.

I rarely meet with clients whose expectations differ wildly to mine. But to avoid misunderstandings please be aware that the following behaviour will never be tolerated. Doing so will result in our date being terminated and you'll be permanently blacklisted.

  1. Use illegal substances or consume so much alcohol that I feel unsafe


    Provide false security screening information

  3. Take any photography or video of me using your own equipment or attempt to record me using a hidden camera or audio equipment. 

  4. Invite anyone to our date that I have not agreed to with written consent.

  5. Fail to respect any of my boundaries.




"Spending time with Olivia is extraordinarily fun. Her charisma enhances every moment we spend together."

- October 2020 


Luxury English companion