I am a proud member of KLE Collective aka the Kinky London Escort Collective, which is literally the place to go to find the best kink providers in the UK, most of us are based in London but travel to many of England's biggest cities. Below is a small selection of fellow London adventurers I thoroughly recommend. If you're looking for a duo booking, my preference is for you to choose a fellow KLE Collective member or one of the ladies below. 



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Welsh Belle

- September 2020 


Travel dates

France is a wonderful option as we don't need to waste much time getting there. Let's hire a car and see the lavender-clad landscapes of Provence, head down to the glittering Riviera or indulge our romance in Paris.

All travel costs including flights, meals and expenses must be covered by you. The minimum duration for a travel date is 24 hours. 

Travel outside of Europe is possible for a  minimum duration of 100 hours.

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