Frequently asked questions

Can I see you outside of London?

Yes of course, the Home Counties are always a great option and my other business means I am sometimes elsewhere. Simply include your desired location on my booking form. Or, if you'd like me to suggest an alternative to London, I'd be happy to.

Do you offer same-day bookings?
 No. I dedicate my time to high-quality bookings not high-quantity, if you're looking for last minute arrangements you are simply not seeking what I am offering. 

How do I make a booking?
On the first occasion please fill out my booking form.

Once we've had one date you'll be able to book via WhatsApp and email.

I filled in your booking form and you didn't respond

I may feel that we are not compatible. I am fortunate to have wonderful, established clients who plan dates with me months in advance. I am therefore discerning when it comes to accepting new clients. Requesting prescriptive, degrading or submissive services won't get a response.

I'd like to buy you a gift, what do you like?
Thank you, generosity is one of my favourite traits. I love to receive lingerie, handbags, jewellery, perfume, fresh flowers, books and of course, chocolate. If you'd like a little inspiration, consider Jo Malone, Bordelle, Lady Lucie Latex, Chanel, Saint Laurent, peonies and books on art, erotica or photography.

I always appreciate gift vouchers, these can be sent to

Do you have an assistant?
No, all correspondence will be with me. For safety I check in and out of every booking with my established security specialist Elaine, she has my exact location and start and finish times. 

Do you have a location that you host dates in?

No, I offer outcalls only to luxury and boutique hotels. The cost of those is covered by you. I do visit home addresses at my own discretion, this may require additional screening.

Do you offer duos or group dates with other providers?

At this time, I do not accept duo/group bookings with other providers.

Can you visit me in the USA/Canada/Dubai?

 My preference for travel dates is to do so with you. As I'm sure you understand, I don't feel comfortable travelling internationally to meet clients that I do not know. Once we're familiar with one another I'd be delighted to meet you in another destination. 

I've never seen a companion before, is that ok?

You're about to enter a highly rewarding phase of your life. I'm happy to answer any questions you have before we meet, but be warned; once you enter this world, it's likely too alluring to leave.

Do you see female clients?
Yes, I've had relationships with women in my private life and wonderful bookings with female clients. I would love to welcome more.

What makes a great client?

Thoughtfulness, a sense of humour and generosity.

What makes a bad client?
Entitlement, bad hygiene and demanding behaviour.


Do you require provider references?

No, however I am happy to provide a reference on your behalf to another companion should you require it. My security specialist will check your details against national/international safety groups and blacklists before we meet.

I am a brand/photographer and I would love to work with you,

how much do you charge?

Due to the nature of my dual lifestyle I will only consider you if you're established.

Please send over some examples of your work and online presence. If our brands are aligned and you'd like to add me to your PR list, I can send you my PO Box details.

I am a journalist/student can I interview you?

No never, my business is built around discretion.

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