Autumnal Romance Inspo

Autumn has always been my favourite time of year. The crisp mornings, the moody evenings, the wonder of watching the trees go from green to infinite hues of yellow and orange before finally turning a deep, dreamy red. I also love the clothes; chic cardigans, roll neck jumpers, leather, suede, velvet! And the ability to team dresses, shorts and skirts with sexy-yet-subtle tights (or stockings) once more.

Autumn is also an excellent time for romance. Cosying up in the back of a black cab after a red-wine-and-dark-chocolate infused dinner. Laughing together under the canopy of an umbrella after London has switched from bright sunshine to torrential rain within seconds. Or indulging in the simplicity of one another's desires next to a roaring log fire. I of course love the languid evenings of summer, dining outside and exploring the city in warmth, but autumn has a unique charm. It could also be because I am an autumn baby, I just celebrated my birthday and wow; I feel so adored. I can only hope I make my clients feel as appreciated as they do me.

To celebrate my favourite time of year I've put together some date inspiration. I've covered a selection of time options from short catch-ups to leisurely overnights and extended weekends.

Latex-drenched Weekend in London

Release your true self at the Torture Garden

With a pre-booking warning "we operate a strict, non-negotiable fetish fantasy dress code only" this is the place to finally drop that facade and be yourself.

If you've never heard of the Torture Garden here's a little more info:

"Our multi-roomed high production value sets create an immersive underworld to lose yourself in. You can make the night what you want it to be…dance in the main room, play in the dungeon, take in the unique crowd, find new music in our eclectic ballroom or take that special person to the couples room!"

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned kinkster wanting to unleash some of those embarrassing-but-oh-so-delicious urges of yours, this is the place. They have a few dates in London including their Halloween Ball. Having been to fetish events in London and Berlin with and a killer fetish wardrobe, you've got a dream playmate to go with.

Recommended duration: 14-18 hours overnight.

Afternoon Tea at Egerton House Hotel

Afternoon tea

Wasn't expecting me to start the list with a fetish night in London after such a soft autumnal intro? Let's pretend we're refined for a moment and indulge in perfectly symmetrical sandwiches, pretty cakes and a dollop of England's finest jam instead.

I've been for afternoon tea all over England and I just adore it. I often go for afternoon tea with my friends and relatives as it's such a simple yet lovely way to spend time together. We could team tea with exploring a pretty Cotswold town, devouring the independent bookshops and galleries of Bath or simply stay put one of London's heritage hotels.

I had the most gorgeous Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea at London's Egerton House Hotel recently while on a weekend away with a client. This is the perfect afternoon tea for Anglophiles as they blend quintessentially British tea and a heritage location with exceptional service.

Recommended duration 3-6 hours

Theatre Date in Windsor

A night at the theatre

Whether it's watching "a new kind of Hamlet" at the Young Vic or enjoying the ballet of Romeo and Juliet at The Royal Opera House there's so much great entertainment to see at the moment. A lot of these shows have been on pause for a long time for reasons I don't need to remind you of. So it's not only an excuse for some great entertainment but a way to support the arts - a great passion of mine - too.

If traditional theatre and ballet aren't your thing Russel Brand has a number of dates doing stand-up comedy across the country this autumn. Even if you can't make his shows I would recommend his YouTube channel and podcast which I have been devouring lately. As someone with dark humour I also love Ricky Gervais who has equally thought-provoking comedy shows throughout the autumn.

Recommended duration 6 hours - overnight

Spa Date in Florence!

Unwind and disconnect in a spa

Since becoming a companion I've realised an interesting trend, most of my clients attending a spa with me are attending for the first time or the first time in years. Many men don't seem to think of spending a day being pampered in spa like we women do. Perhaps because we spend more time at the nail salon or getting our hair and skincare done so it feels more in-keeping with our lifestyle? I even chose my gym based around it's spa-eque vibes rather than a macho fitness environment. A good massage and some time to swim, steam and lounge is the perfect antidote to a stressful time.

There are many spas I can recommend both in and outside of London. These would be great as a day-date, overnight or even a weekend away depending on your time and budget.

Dormy House in the Cotswolds is a wonderful option for pure laziness. With its sprawling surroundings it's a great space to disconnect with the world and connect with one another. For ancient treatments with a twist The Gainsborough in Bath is calling our name. I'm yet to visit this delicious spa so we can discover it together.

Recommended duration: 6 hours - 72 hours - the choice is yours!

For a simpler autumnal date, I am hosting in a luxurious suite for the first time ever on the 18th and 19th of October. Although hosting, a small clientele is still my preference so I am only accepting a very small number of dates. Due to the pandemic having such an impact on my business and the increase in business costs in pretty much every area I raised my rates over the last months. Hosting enables me to spend time with friends at my new rate without incurring additional cost, as you don't need to book a hotel room on top and it saves some of the travel costs for me. I have a window of availability on Monday the 18th, please get in touch soon if you would like to book this.


Do you want to meet me for a leisurely girlfriend experience date or an explorative BDSM session? Fill out my booking form. Please be aware that my business model is a small client base so longer dates are always preferred.