Dear 2020

I look back to last December and think of the aspirations I had for 2020. Not only was it the start of a new year but a new decade. As someone who romanticises the 20's (to say I enjoy 1920's literature and erotica would be an understatement), I was looking forward to my own chance to live through such a sexy time of change and opportunity.

Although this year was so far from what I had in mind - it still offered a glamorous and wonderfully sexy intro to the 20's - albeit interlaced with more days in loungewear than I'd desired. It's temptingly enjoyable to moan about the things that could have been better, but looking back overall I can acknowledge that so much good came of this unpredictable year too.

I've had more time than ever to devour the delicious books on my bookshelf and get into much a healthier lifestyle. Living a double life can make it impossible to have any form of routine. In 2019 I couldn't have joined a weekly gym class or reserved a regular day each month to have dinner with friends because my life was completely at the whim of my two income streams. I was also unable to have pets or any type of dependants as I was travelling so much with work. This year I've had the luxury of time, to do the simple things like cook meals after a day of working from home and be available for my friends - like really available, unexpectedly available, available for them to call without warning for a chat because we're both bored in lockdown at 8pm on a Tuesday. Such a contrast to the pre-scheduled dinners 6 weeks in advance that my pre-Corona lifestyle could accommodate. No longer can we just cram in the highlights, we can discuss anything and everything and I can feel my connections have strengthened.

So now I sit looking forward to 2021, and the annual urge to make goals has surfaced. Of course material goals will always be there, but thankfully I was able to reach most of my financial goals this year even with the slowed down pace. So what do I want from 2021? To travel would be nice, to feel a more settled would be very welcome, but more than that; when life eventually resumes normality, I want to keep friendships, books and fitness up there on my priority list.

If you were to write a letter to 2020, what would you say?

O xx

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