Kitties, puppies & piggies

Hey kittens,

I can't believe it's been almost five months since I wrote a blog on my website. I used to write once a month but I guess with everything happening I lost my inspiration! I therefore wanted to share an update of what I have been up to the last few months and check in with you all.

Firstly I am so pleased to be offering dates again! I took three months off at the beginning of 2021 due to lockdowns and restrictions in England and it was a very strange time. While not working as Olivia I threw myself into my other business and made lots of changes I had been putting off for a long time. However I really missed the friends I have made in this world and the creative and sexual outlet that it presents me with. I've always felt like I was designed to live this lifestyle because I adore people, I am very romantic and affectionate and highly sexual. I also have no issue keeping it a secret; it's scarily easy for me to never mention it.

I have been back for a couple of months now and have been pleased to meet with some new lovers and welcome new exploration into my life. I entered this world as a 'Girlfriend Experience' (GFE) companion, and although I am kinky I would still say that at its core, affectionate, long-term relationships is what most of my dates consist of. That being said over the last months I definitely strayed more on the kinky side of the tracks and it's been amazing how it's sort of re-shaped my own desires. It's almost like learning a new language, as you speak more of it deeper and more intriguing conversations and fantasises start to uncover.

As you can see at the top of this article I refer to my lovers as 'kittens' I have always done this and not sure really where it came from. I also refer to them as 'pooch', 'panda' and 'pig' (meant affectionately), and it just comes out without me really thinking about it. In the same way pet play is something that came about really naturally for me and I have subliminally structured different levels of pet play based on different animals. Kitten being the most vanilla and pigs being the most humiliating... with puppies somewhere in the middle.

Pet play takes different forms for different people, for some it's fully dressing up as an animal such as a dog or a horse and behaving like an actual animal, peeing against a tree or being ridden. For me it's more of a hybrid of retaining your sense of being human but being degraded dependant on which animal I have decided you are. Dogs or 'puppy play' is one that I have explored a fair amount recently and something I find myself fantasising about afterwards. The act of fastening a strong, naked man into a leather collar and lead, instructing him onto his knees with his arms up like paws, tongue out and getting him to bark like dog is such weird turn on for me. I also enjoy taking him for a walk, training him and rewarding him with pain play. I like to add power play of ensuring his cock is always accessible and visible and punishment being met with 'Thank you Olivia'.

In terms of my submissive side with pet play I would definitely sit in the vanilla level of kitten; my mind instantly wanders at the thought of how that might play out, especially as I have added some more soft and lighter lingerie pieces to my collection recently - the kitten-esque pretty lingerie and gloves would be adorable!

I recently also tried financial domination, something which lends itself to pet play with them becoming a 'pay pig'. There are again lots of sides and levels to financial domination some of it feels a little exploitative and others feel more like a sugar daddy arrangement with a BDSM label. For us it became that I controlled how he spent his money for two weeks and controlled his entire life through finances e.g. what he could eat and drink. He was also aroused by the feeling of being 'used for money' and only having any contact or attention when there was a financial reward in it for me. We pre-agreed a budget and so within that we were able to play freely.

Outside of that I have had some wonderfully cuddly vanilla and social-only dates. Social-only dates were initially introcuded to stay in touch with clients for whom hotel closures restricted our ability to meet up but they have been a wonderful addition. I had a first date recently which was social-only to check that we were on the same page before committing to something more intimate. It's interesting that those outside of this world would assume that everything to do with escorting is highly sexual but a huge percentage of it isn't and I really liked that this new client entered my world just for coffee and conversation. I have therefore decided to keep social-only dates permanently. These are £500 for up to three hours and I feel would be a great way to stay in touch between more intimate dates for a few clients for which the friendship is such a prominent part of the puzzle.

My final update is that I am now fully vaccinated! I actually have no idea why I was offered it so early but a number of my close relatives are vulnerable and so I left at the chance to get it and be able to see them again.

I know that after the last months lots has changed and so for those seeking a first date with me I have updated my website with all up-to-date information. The most important thing to note is that I now have relocated outside of London but I still have a base in Westminster. I don't live there but I can stay there when I need to, this means it's much easier for us to meet outside of the city than before. So I can accommodate both central London and most parts of England (dependant on duration).