My autumn playlist

To me music is everything. I am one of those annoying people who has music on most of the time. Walking anywhere without my headphones feels almost completely alien, and if I am sitting to do creative writing I need music on to enable me to focus.

If you've met me even once you'll know that music sets my mood, if I dislike your music I will find it really distracting. I've had a couple of dates where we reminisced over old music and films which offered a really interesting way in which to get to know each other. I was unfortunately that teenager who hated anything mainstream which admittedly, subliminally has followed me into adulthood, this means my knowledge of any mainstream films or musicians is pretty poor.

For me, music is transportive, I often make throwback playlists and indulge in revisiting a perspective and a time in my life which is no longer. I feel like I've lived about six lifetimes already because my life has changed so much. I went from living with and building a home with my female partner with a career in a totally different field to running a business and operating in a secret life, my personality, friendships, perspective has changed so much. I almost look back at my former self as though she's a close friend whom I can protect with my new experience and knowledge. Throughout all of the seasons of my life so far music has been the backdrop, I can revisit interludes simply switching on my 'autumn 2017 rock', or 'spring 2016 mood' playlists. I wonder whether those I've played endlessly on dates in 2019 and 2020 will be my future window back to this time in my life.

I grew up on a diet of heavy metal and rock before being introduced to classic reggae such as Barrington Levy, Tarrus Riley and the Marley sons, I also then got into roots bands and more into indie and softer rock. I now think my tastes are really varied depending on my mood.

This playlist is a sample of my current autumn winter playlist. I have chosen songs based on the fact I find them sexy and listen to them a lot. Hope you enjoy.

Listen to my playlist or download it from Spotify.



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