I had a perfectly-timed date recently with someone whom I instantly connected with. Within hours we were unreservedly laughing together in one of London's low-lit eateries. I love dates like this as it reminds me why I choose to be a companion. I love meeting and connecting with new people, it’s so invigorating to me and quite simply, it's fun. I am an extrovert and I feel energised by spending time with people.

One restless evening while I was struggling to sleep I was randomly compelled to read through the Notes on my iPhone! If you’re anything like me I jot down all kinds of stuff in here and never really intend to open it again.There was everything from exhibitions I’d like to attend, books I wanted to read, lyrics, quotes and poetry I liked and, amongst all of that, creative ramblings, some of it erotica inspired by dates...

As I pull up on your wide gravelled drive, memories of the first time we met enter my mind.

Thoughts of how you unbuttoned your shirt during our first glass of wine, exposing your neck to me as though you knew how much it would turn me on.

You then unbuttoned a couple more and got on your knees fully clothed. I slowly sipped my wine before fastening a leather collar around your neck, the room thick with anticipation.

I love how submissive men know exactly how to pleasure me.