Ways to make our first date memorable

Meeting with a new companion is exciting and with the right ingredients can lead to a wonderful long-term friendship. We know that from your perspective it can also quite be daunting. After spending weeks or even months of following our lives on social media, a sense of anticipation and perhaps intimidation begins to build. What if you're not attractive enough, experienced enough, rich enough? The good news is that being universally handsome, filthy rich and a perfect lover doesn't necessarily make you a dream client - being kind, generous and having a great sense of humour does.

I've experienced some truly memorable first dates with new clients, but admittedly a handful have been memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Here are some tips to ensure your first date is one of the good ones.

Send a gift before we meet

There is literally no better way to create anticipation my end than to send me a thoughtful gift. I've likely been lusting over some lingerie, clothing or art on my Instagram, sending me a gift voucher to purchase it instantly puts you up there in the dreamy client category. It not only shows me that you're generous (big tick) it also shows you pay attention to my interests and want to become part of it.

If you live overseas or can only commit to seeing a companion a couple of times a year this is also a wonderful way to maintain a relationship during the months we don't see each other. Seeing a companion is an expensive luxury. It's understandable if you can't do that all the time, but a thoughtful gift every now and then goes a long way to maintain the friendship for when we finally reunite.

It's also wonderful to bring gifts along to the date, this doesn't have to be extravagant, it can be as simple as some nice chocolates, champagne or perfume. Bouquets of flowers are always a romantic gesture to brighten up our homes, but remember it does draw attention to us when we leave.

Don't ask intrusive or awkward questions

I know, you're nervous and the life of a real life escort is fascinating. But that's no excuse to overstep the mark. When I was very new, clients would often ask me things like 'what's the worst experience you've had with a client?, or 'what's the weirdest thing you've been asked to do?' I would smile sweetly while trying to oppress the raised eyebrow and 'what the fuck' facial expression I was feeling on the inside. As a man, you've likely never experienced someone pushing your boundaries, or trying to pressure you into doing something that you don't want to. It's not appropriate pillow talk to ask a woman you're not overly familiar with to discuss uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing or painful memories with you - don't be that guy.

It's equally rude to ask how much a companion earns or how many clients she has. How much do you earn? You told me you're a lawyer so I can guess your hourly rate. Perhaps I'll imagine your current projects and do some rough calculations, minus tax (you do pay tax right?). So is X thousand the ballpark of what you earn? You like designer suits, do you buy those or were they gifts from clients? And is your sports car on finance or did you buy that? This sounds like a bizarrely intrusive and forceful conversation to have with a lawyer on the first date. It's also a bizarre and forceful conversation to have with an escort and is likely your express ticket to our never-seeing-him-again list.

Organise an activity based on our interests

Many clients might book a short interlude as the first date to check that there is chemistry before investing in a longer time period. This is understandable but actually a lot more pressure. On shorter dates things can feel rushed and focussed around the intimacy. If you're nervous or inexperienced that means a much larger portion of the date is overcoming that. If however, you go for a wander around the city followed by a long, leisurely dinner over a couple of hours, you'll feel more comfortable with your companion and you'll have built up some anticipation. Foreplay doesn't have to begin when your clothes are off, a hushed conversation over dinner about BDSM or what lingerie I'm wearing is a great way to forget your nerves and look forward to the hours ahead.

You may need to be subtle and can't be out and about with a striking woman twenty or thirty years younger than you. If that's the case, book a hotel with a pretty garden for a champagne introduction or get to know each other over cocktails in one of their romantic private dining areas.

Do some research

The best clients are the ones who already know so much about us. They've devoured our website and regularly check our social media pages because they're excited to meet us. They'll ask questions about my interest in art, comment on the blogs I've written and share the photographs or posts that really captured their attention.

What's your top tip for a memorable first date?

In case you're new here I'm a romantic companion based in London but available elsewhere. I'm a highly sensual woman with a lingerie addiction I share on Instagram. If you'd like to add to my collection, gift vouchers are always appreciated. Or, if you'd like to meet me visit my rates page and then send a request via my booking form.



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