What is a companion?

Kittens, I don't want to tempt fate but I feel like I am stepping back into my life as a companion. I hope you can sense the excitement this gives me, I missed Olivia and YOU so much over the last few months and starting to reunite has been truly wonderful. I therefore thought now was a good opportunity to share what being a companion actually means.

I will caveat this by admitting that I speak from fairly specific experience. My business is structured around a small, regular client base (which I adore). I first worked as a companion when I was just nineteen and only had two clients whom I saw very regularly. So when I re-entered this world in 2018 I followed a similar path. I now have a handful of clients, some I'll see a couple of times a month, others only three or four times a year. I rarely do short interludes and primarily do six hour, overnight and extended dates.

There are other styles of companion who may specialise in shorter dates and prefer to only see the same client 2-3 times. This might be because they have small children and therefore can't be away overnight, or simply, it's just their preference. Overnight dates are my favourite but they're emotionally and physically demanding and not everyone wants to be 'on' for that long. There are also providers who don't have other business endeavours and solely work as a companion, this could mean they choose to accept dates at shorter notice, take on more than one booking per day or that they have the freedom for international dates.

The point of that long intro was to highlight the varied nature of the industry. So the points below reflect me specifically (this is my website after all).