What it's like to live a double life

To begin this post I will admit that this is a rewrite. When I started asking those of you who read my blog what subjects you'd like me to explore, living a double life and having a second identity came up time and again. To begin with I dismissed it as not being interesting enough, although, in reality I was avoiding it because it is such a knotty and complex topic. I also feared it might interrupt my branding of escapism and positivity, how could I do such a provoking topic justice while keeping it lighthearted? The answer is I couldn't without lying throughout. I found myself trying to constantly reassure my reader while denying both identities of their chance to breathe.

After sitting unpublished in my drafts, I allowed myself to explore the reality of the topic in the safety of my own thoughts while on a long walk. What I came to realise is that most of my readers will feel the same way. You likely found me because you buy or sell sexuality and companionship yourself, I therefore can be far more relatable by speaking my truth than I can with a witty piece of fiction. I also know that many of you won't feel the constraints the 'real world' puts on us, because you have carved a space for yourself to live out your fantasies, like me.

So let's try again.