Yes Olivia

I am so aroused by kink and have toyed with the idea of branching into more of it on many occasions, but I feel there would be so much for me to learn, and quite frankly I adore my vanilla dates too. Recently however, I accepted a date which was role-play only and a little outside of my usual offerings. The gentleman had described before-hand what he did and didn't like and specified some things he definitely wanted to happen.

I'll admit, it is a night I find myself revisiting, and one which never fails to bring a smile to my face.


He'd requested that I wear thigh-high leather boots, a leather skirt and a dinner jacket. He wanted to draw attention to us, he wanted those in the know, to sense what we were up to.

He stood to greet me in the waiting area, our eyes directly aligned as I now stood towering over most people in my six-inch heels. I knew he would be tall but I didn't expect him to be so broad and handsome. He'd specified for me to be icy from the moment we met. This was a role-play scenario from start to finish.

"Olivia my darling - how was the drive?" He embraced me. "Long and boring dear".' I replied without lifting a hand to touch him and moving my face away, publicly rejecting his kiss. I walked in front of