Rare opportunity 

Whether a short interlude or a multi-day trip, I aim to make each date as enjoyable as possible. I'm immaculately groomed and well-spoken with a timelessly elegant sense of style. I offer outcalls only which means I can meet you at a hotel or your home. Longer durations and overnight dates give us the most freedom in terms of incorporating entertainment or dinner, I understand that your time is valuable and I am delighted to share some with you.

Three hours


Minimum duration

Four hours


Five hours


Six hours 



12 hours e.g. 7pm - 7am



This must include sleep and an evening meal.



14 hours e.g. 7pm - 9am



This must include sleep and an evening meal.


18 hours e.g. 7pm - 12pm


This must include sleep, an evening meal and breakfast/brunch.

Extended dates


Fancy spending a few days together?
We can wander the architectural highlights of England, enjoy an afternoon in a gallery or simply while away the hours in champagne-soaked conversation.


All costs such as travel, tickets and shopping must be covered by you. 

My rate for 24 hours is £3,600.

Typically extended dates in the UK range between 48 hours - 72 hours, please contact me for a tailored rate.

I only accept extended dates with existing clients.




"If I had to describe Olivia in one word, it would be transformative."

- September 2020 


Travel dates

France is a wonderful option as we don't need to waste much time getting there. Let's hire a car and see the lavender-clad landscapes of Provence, head down to the glittering Riviera or indulge our romance in Paris.

All travel costs including flights, meals and expenses must be covered by you. The minimum duration for a travel date is 24 hours. 

Travel outside of Europe is possible for a  minimum duration of 100 hours.

Luxury English companion