Rare opportunity 

Whether a short interlude or a multi-day trip, I aim to make each date as enjoyable as possible. I'm immaculately groomed and well-spoken with a timelessly elegant sense of style. I offer outcalls only which means I can meet you at a hotel or your home. Longer durations and overnight dates give us the most freedom in terms of incorporating entertainment or dinner, I understand that your time is valuable and I am delighted to share some with you.


Three hours: £800 (minimum duration)

Four hours: £1,000

Five hours: £1,200

Six hours: 1,400


Twelve hours e.g. 7pm - 7am: £2,200
Fourteen hours e.g. 7pm - 9am: £2,400

Eighteen hours e.g. 7pm - 12pm: £3,000


All overnight dates must include sleep, an evening meal and breakfast.


Extended Dates

Fancy spending a few days together? We can wander the architectural highlights of England, enjoy an afternoon in a gallery or simply while away the hours in champagne-soaked conversation.


Twenty-four hours e.g. 12pm -  12pm: £3,600 

The whole weekend e.g. 7pm Friday - 12pm Sunday: £7,000

The two options above are my most common extended date duration. For alternatives please contact me for a tailored rate. All costs such as travel, tickets and shopping must be covered by you. Travel dates are the same cost as extended dates unless I will be meeting you in destination. If my commute to the date is above two hours I charge 30% of my fee for the time I will spend travelling.


I only offer Fly Me To You (FMTY) dates to those I am well-acquainted with already. I do not tour or offer incalls. All dates take place at a high-end or luxury hotel at your cost. I also attend private residences at my discretion.  



My business model is long-term friendships with a small and select client base. The key ingredient to achieving this is mutual respect. By reading and agreeing to the five points below you negate the need for me to mention such formalities verbally on our date.


  •  Ensure my fee is paid promptly on arrival in Great British Pounds (GBP) in cash or via bank transfer.​​ You are welcome to pay the fee in full when you send your deposit.

  • I am an escort therefore I offer services of a sexual nature. However anything sexual that occurs always requires my consent. If in doubt ask. Never assume that I will provide services that another companion you have seen provides. Any pushing of my boundaries or disrespectful behaviour will result in our date being terminated and you'll be permanently blacklisted. 

  • I am immaculately groomed and I expect a high-level of personal grooming and hygiene from all my clients. 

  • On dates of four hours or longer, incorporate dinner or other public activities - if you don't want to be in public for privacy reasons please notify me before-hand. 

  • On overnight dates, I will spend some time asleep. I am human and need to travel home safely (and function!) the following day.

I rarely meet with clients whose expectations differ wildly to mine. But to avoid misunderstandings please be aware that the following behaviour will never be tolerated. Doing so will result in our date being terminated and you'll be permanently blacklisted.

  • Use illegal substances or consume so much alcohol that I feel unsafe.

  • Provide false security screening information.

  • Take any photography or video of me using your own equipment.

  • Attempt to record me using a hidden camera or audio equipment. 

  • Invite anyone to our date that I have not agreed to with written consent.

  • Fail to respect any of my boundaries.


Security screening

I require screening from all my clients to allow me to relax and feel comfortable in your presence. I have a security specialist and assistant who I check in and out of dates with for my own safety and wellbeing. Before we meet I'll take your legal name to be checked against national and international blacklists.



Send me a copy of your photographic ID (driving licence or passport). The name on your ID must match the name on your bank account.


Business details

If you work for a medium to large company verify your identity by contacting my discrete business email and adding my fake recruitment profile to your LinkedIn network. 

On the first occasion that we meet I may also request a reference from a provider that you have met with in the last 12 months. If you'd like me to provide a reference on your behalf to another provider I would be happy to do so. 


Ms Olivia Sinclair

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